Life Insurance

When it comes to life insurance in NH there are different options and each option can be tailored to fit your needs, Whether you are a family looking to protect your household and assets or a business looking to protect your interests, Colby-Insurance Group has a team of experts that specialize in life insurance planning, and are prepared to help you find the best product to fit your coverage requirements and budget.

The two basic types of Life insurance are Term and Whole Life.

Term Insurance

This Term Life Insurance is purchased for a certain time period in one’s life, it is a great option for extensive coverage at a lower price. Term does not build cash value and when the term expires the coverage is over. If you keep it longer than the specified time the price will often rise.

Whole Life

This Product is a “Permanent Product.” The premiums are higher than a Term policy but you can keep the policy for your “whole” life. The policy will also build cash values based on dividends from the issuing company that can be accessed during the time of the policy. This product can become valuable in the long run and is often a good option for a supplement to retirement planning and/or business protection.

There are many variations of these products and a they can be mixed and matched to create your personal plan!

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Use our Life Insurance Comparison Chart to see the differences in policies.

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