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Find Out More About Critical Illness Insurance Rates as a Rider to Your Policy

A Critical Illness Insurance Rider protects your NH family from the financially devastating affects of a critical or long-term illness. The chances of surviving a critical illness have increased over the years, but can you survive the financial burden that a critical illness can have on your family? It can drain savings accounts and run up credit card bills. Of all the bankruptcies filed in the United States, 60 percent are due to medical expenses, and more than 75% of people who filed for bankruptcies due to a critical illness were carrying health insurance at the time (Harvard Medical School Survey 2008).

A Critical Illness Insurance Rider is designed to help consumers pay for the expenses associated with coping with a critical illness. It provides the policyholder with a lump-sum, tax-free payment at the time of diagnosis. A Critical Illness Rider covers the three most impacting illnesses suffered by Americans: cancer, heart attack, and stroke. Some Critical Illness Riders may also cover acute illnesses such as coronary bypass surgery, kidney failure, and paralysis. These policies are not designed to cover chronic diseases such as diabetes.

The cost of medical services has steadily gone up and so has the cost of medical insurance. Many employers pass these added expenses on to their employee. To counteract the increased costs, employees often modify their health care plan to save money by increasing their monthly premiums, reducing coverage, increasing deductibles, paying more for office visits, and reducing prescription coverage. Consumers try to save money and often end up whittling away at the quality of their medical coverage. Money-saving tactics means increased out of pocket expenses that can add up quickly. In addition to added medical expenses, there’s the additional cost of transportation to treatment and doctor appointments, at-home service costs, lost wages, and household bills that can’t get paid while you’re sick.

The cost of getting a Critical Illness Insurance Rider varies. There are several different options that are all designed to meet each person’s needs and budgets. The price will depend on the type of policy you want, the amount of coverage or lump-sum payout, and your age. The lump-sum payout amounts vary from as little as $10,000 to as much as $1 million.

Critical Illness Insurance Riders are not offered by all insurance companies. If Critical Illness coverage is important to you then you should contact us. We are a trusted independent insurance agent and we want to find the right insurance provider and the right policy to fit your needs.

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