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Put your Premium Payments to Work for You with a Payback Term Life Insurance

Return of Premium Life Insurance (or Payback Term Life Insurance) pays you back the total amount of the premiums you’ve paid over the life of the policy. If you’ve shied away from purchasing life insurance because you think a Permanent Life Insurance solution is too expensive, or that a Term Life Insurance policy means spending money on something you’ll likely never use, then this is a perfect option for you. Consumers are typically not fond of the idea of paying premiums for the term of the policy and, in the end, not getting anything in return.

Return of Premium Life Insurance is attractive to consumers that are looking for affordable life insurance with a payback for the money spent on the policy. In addition to getting the premiums back, the payback amount has the advantage of being tax-free. Some policies payback the premiums in one lump sum at the end of the policy term, while others have a tiered approach and pay the premiums back at different points throughout the life of the policy.

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