Classic Car Insurance Means Peace of Mind for Collectors

Your New Hampshire Collector Car is Too Valuable to Go Without Insurance

Classic car insurance protects New Hampshire's collector's most prized possessions. A classic car insurance policy starts with the same features as a standard automobile policy that includes liability, collision, comprehensive, and uninsured motorist coverage. Although a standard automobile policy is a good starting point, classic car owners can benefit from the added features that come with a classic car policy—plus you'll save money. These extra features address some of the unique aspects of owning and insuring a collector car in New Hampshire.  

Here are few examples of the differences between a standard automobile policy and a classic car policy:
Less Expensive
A classic car insurance policy is less expensive than regular car insurance for a couple of reasons. First, the owners tend to drive their classic cars less; and second, insurance companies are safe in assuming that classic car owners usually take extremely good care of their vehicle keeping the car in a garage when not in use.

Actual Cash Value
A big difference between a classic car policy and a standard automobile policy is the amount paid out for a total loss. A regular passenger car depreciates over time, therefore, a standard auto policy will pay to replace the car at the actual cash value (depreciated value). Unlike regular cars, classic, antique cars do not depreciate with age. With this in mind, classic car owners and their insurance provider decide upon an “Agreed Value” that will be paid in the event of a total loss.

Repair Shop of Your Choice
We understand that a classic and antique car enthusiasts are often very picky about who is allowed to work on their collector car, and we're sure you’re no exception. It is common for classic automobile policies to allow owners to get repairs done at the repair shop of their choice.

Auto Show Medical Coverage
One of the benefits of owning a classic or antique car is showing it off at cruise night events and classic and antique auto shows. This is an area where many classic car owners are exposed to liability. Auto show medical coverage provides pre-determined medical coverage in the event that a client or family member is injured during an auto show.
Not all classic car policy are created equal. Policy rates vary depending on the age of your car, how much you drive it, any modifications you’ve made, and policy extras. Talk to one of our classic auto insurance experts to make sure you have the coverage you need for your car.

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